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PRODUCT NAME : Icom IC-756PRO III HF/50Mhz Transceiver
  • DX Level +30dBm-class Third-order Intercept Point, +30dBm IP3
  • Two newly designed preamplifiers to minimize distortion and maximize dynamicrange
  • Real-time spectrum scope with mini-scope function allows monitoring the scope screen while using other function menus
  • Adjustable SSB transmit BW
  • 32-bit floating point DSP & 24-bit AD/DA converters
  • Sharp and soft filter shapes
  • AGC loop management
  • Eight-channel RTTY TX memory
  • Built-in auto antenna tuner
  • 2 TX/RX antenna connectors and RX antenna connector
  • 30kHz-60MHz general coverage* (* Some frequency ranges are not guaranteed)
  • Built-in RX attenuator (6/12/18dB)
  • Twin peak audio filter
  • Dual watch
  • Digital twin PBT
  • Manual notch
  • Auto notch filter
  • Tx monitor function
  • Tone encoder
  • VOX operation
  • All mode power control
  • External control for voice memory and memory keyer
  • CW Wave form controlled by the DSP
  • CW reverse
  • Multi-function electronic keyer includes adjustable keying speed and dot/dash ratio, polarity, bug keyer operation
  • Continuously adjustable CW pitch control from 300-900Hz
  • Double key jacks (Front and rear)
  • Full break-in (QSK)
  • [2 clocks show local and UTC time
  • Screen saver
  • Set mode menu for speedy setting
  • Analog and digital meter indicates relative output power, SWR, ALC level and compression level
  • Memory pad stores up to 5 or 10 operating frequencies and modes
  • Quick split function
  • RF gain and squelch control
  • ±9.999kHz Adjustable RIT and TX
  • 1Hz step tuning and display
  • 101 memory channels with 10-character channel name
  • Optional voice synthesizer announces the operating frequency, mode and signal strength in English
  • Program, memory, select memory, f scans
  • Auto tuning step function
  • Dial lock
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