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  Antenna (Amateur)
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ITEM NO : MFJ-1622
PRODUCT NAME : MFJ-1622 Apartment Antenna
  • Operate 40 thru' 10m on HF; and 6/2m on VHF with a single antenna
  • Universal mount/clamp lets you easily attach it to window frames, balconies and railings.
  • Highly efficient air wound "bug catcher" loading coil and telescoping 5-1/2 ft radiator lets you really get out
  • Radiator collapses to 2-1/2ft for easy storage & carrying
  • Includes coax RF choke balun, coax feed line, counterpoise wire and safety rope
  • Operating frequency is adjusted by moving the "wandeer lead" on the coil and adjusting the counterpoise for best SWR.
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