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ITEM NO : Icom IC-7800
PRODUCT NAME : Icom IC-7800 HF/50Mh Transceiver
  • 110dB dynamic range and a +40dBm IP3 in the HF bands
  • Internal distortion reduction
  • Improved blocking by three roofing filters that block strong adjacent signals with selection widths from 15kHz, 6kHz and 3kHz
  • Icom's DIGI-SEL
  • Less internal phase noise
  • Multiple AGC loops
  • Full AGC controls
  • Digital IF filter allows operator to adjust filter shaping (sharp or soft), filter bandwidth, and center frequency characteristics, without missing the action
  • Digital twin PBT (Passband Tuning) that allows flexibility of both the IF shift and narrowing of the digital IF passband by moving the IF passband
  • Digital manual notch filter
  • Variable level noise reduction
  • Adjustable noise blanker reduces pulse type noise.
  • 50MHz band preamplifier and mixer
  • Quad processing
  • Two completely independent receiver circuits
  • Real time spectrum scope
  • Ultra high stability OCXO unit within ±0.05ppm at 0°C to 50°C.
  • Central Control
  • 7-inch wide color TFT LCD
  • RTTY/PSK31 operation without PC connection
  • 200W output power at full duty cycle
  • Microphone equalizer
  • RF speech compressor
  • CF memory card to record preferred settings such as filter, Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) memories, antenna settings, etc.
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Digital IF data filter
  • 4 antenna connectors
  • DSP controlled CW keying waveform shaping
  • Multi-function electronic keyer with adjustable keying speed from 6–60 wpm, dot-dash ratio from 1:1:2.8 to 1:1:4.5 and paddle polarity
  • CW pitch control from 300 to 900Hz (5Hz pitch)
  • CW-Reverse mode operation with selectable normal (default) carrier point
  • Double key jack system (front and rear panel)
  • Full break-in and semi-break-in functions
  • CW/AM auto tuning function helps to zero in on intended signals within ±500Hz range
  • 4 channels of memory keyer with 70 characters of transmit memory
  • Bug keyer and microphone up/down keyer
  • High speed automatic antenna tuner covers HF and 50MHz bands. 
  • BNC type Rx In/Out connectors for receiver antenna or external attenuator, etc.
  • General coverage receiver covers from 30kHz to 60MHz
  • Two types of receive preamplifiers:
  • Preamp 1; Increase low level signal improving intermodulation characteristics
  • Preamp 2; High gain preamplifier
  • Built-in receive audio equalizer tweaks receive audio with the separate bass and treble controls
  • 7-step attenuator (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 21dB and OFF)
  • External speaker connectors for main and sub receiver
  • Tx monitor
  • 50 CTCSS tone encoder and decoder
  • VOX capability (Voice operated transmission)
  • All mode power control
  • Set mode function for flexible and speedy setting
  • Memory pad stores up to 5 or 10 operating frequencies
  • Quick split function and frequency lock function for split operation
  • Triple band stacking register
  • SSB/CW synchronous tuning
  • Single knob control from squelch to RF gain
  • RIT and ∂Tx variable up to 9.999kHz
  • 1Hz pitch tuning and indication
  • 101 memories with 10-character alphanumeric
  • Auto tuning step function
  • Firmware update capability from your PC
  • Built-in voice synthesizer announces operating frequency, mode and signal strength
  • Programmed scan, memory scan, select memory scan, VSC scan and ∂F scan
  • Main dial tension control
  • CI-V interface capability
  • Optical digital audio input/output
  • FFT scope averaging function for both PSK and RTTY decoder
  • BNC type Transverter connector Offset frequency is user programmable and actual frequency is displayed.
  • UTC/Local Clock and timer function
  • Screen saver function
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