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ITEM NO : Icom IC-7700
PRODUCT NAME : Icom IC-7700 HF Transceiver
  • 110dB dynamic range and +40dBm 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3)
  • Better than +110dBm 2nd order intercept point (IP2)
  • Double conversion superheterodyne system
  • High specification inband IMD
  • DIGI-SEL (Digital pre-selector)
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • 1st mixer
  • Three Hi-Spec 1st IF filters (Roofing Filter)
  • 2nd-stage image rejection mixer
  • 50MHz band preamplifier and mixer
  • Two AGC Loops
  • High stability OCXO unit, Hi-spec 1st IF filter, Large coils, DSP,  Power amplifiers
  • 7-inch wide color TFT LCD
  • USB ports on the front panel
  • RTTY /PSK31 operation without PC connection
  • 4 antenna connectors
  • Real time spectrum scope
  • Digital twin PBT & IF filter
  • Manual notch filter and auto notch filter
  • Variable noise blanker
  • Noise reduction
  • Digital voice recorder
  • RX audio HPF/LPF setting
  • Memory keye
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