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 MFJ-418.pdf    MFJ-418 front.pdf  
PRODUCT NAME : MFJ-418 Morse Code Tutor
  • Beginners Course that follows ARRL/VEC format.
  • Instant Replay
  • Custom Character Sets, can build and save 3 custom sets of 16 characters for extra practice.
  • Realistic Plain English QSOs
  • MFJ Word Recognition Mode with hundreds of commonly used words in ham radio and can also save 10 words of your choice for word recognition practice.
  • Select letter, number, punctuation, prosign or FCC character sets (has only letters, numbers and prosigns required on FCC tests), random call signs, random words, QSOs or combination sets for practice.
  • MFJ Interactive Mode lets you decide when to copy the next or previous group and how many.
  • Normal or Farnsworth spacing, with Farnsworth character speed adjustable 10 to 60 Words-Per-Minute for high-speed practice.
  • Fixed or Random Length Groups (Up to 8 characters).
  • Change speed on the Fly while playing a session 3 to 60 words-per-minute.
  • Setting saver
  • No Instruction Manual Needed with use menus on LCD. Simple 3 button operation.
  • Large LCD Display, 2 line LCD display with 32 huge 1/4 inch high-contrast characters
  • Milky Smooth Sidetone with TruTone sinewave and SoftStart dots/dashes.
  • Eearphones for private practice or built-in speaker for groups with Adjustable volume. Loud powerful audio amplifier. Variable pitch 300 - 1000Hz
  • True Pocket Size, 2.25x3.75x1 in. Weight less than 5.5 ounces.
  • 9 volt battery (Not included).
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