"Wealth" means riches; plenty of money, valuable possessions.

"Wealthy" is an adjective, means people pay high taxes on their income.


Of course, we want everybody can pay high taxes on their income, in fact, our main spirit of using "Wealthy" as our company name because we hope we can provide a "wealthy"; wide range & fruitful of products to entertain our noble customers.


In 1990, the first invoice was issued under the name of "Wealthy Trading Company", mainly in buy & sell business, no after sales nor technical services provided to customers.

In 1994, business kept on growing, a new company - "Wealthy Electronics Ltd"- was set up to maintain those activities & start to have our workshop, service team, and the most important is our own premises.

Nowadays, our experienced sales & service teams, not only contributing the supplies of radio equipments to most retail shops; engineering firms; government departments; estate managements; transportation fleets; securities; construction companies; public utilities etc; we also provide the radio maintenance; system designs; project installation & commissioning services to our clients as well.

As one of the leading radio suppliers in Hong Kong, we are furnished by the "wealthy electronic products" reasoned from the achievements of :



  • Motorola Solutions Value Added Distributor
  • Motorola Solutions Two-Way Radio Authorized Service Centre
  • Diamond Antenna Great China Authorized Dealer
  • ICOM Radio Authorized Dealer
  • Vertex Standard Radio Authorized Dealer
  • AOR Professional Receiver Authorized China & Hong Kong regional Dealer
  • PCTEL Antenna Authorized Dealer
  • Procom Antenna Authorized Dealer
  • MFJ Enterprises Authorized Dealer
  • GaiTronics Authorized Dealer
  • Entel UK Radio Authorized Distriubtor

Our principle of "WE DO WHAT WE PROMISED, WE DON'T PROMISED WHAT WE CANNOT DO" anticipate all our clients will award a good & satisfactory services from our team.